Lelutka Simon Caprice_013 copyOf course it’s Heads! How to chose? Which one is best? How many do I need?

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: LeLutka – Simone
Skin: Glam Affair – Caprice
Outfit & Tail: Essence – Up to you
Hair: Tram – GO127
Eyebrows: Glam Affair – Sia

Lelutka Simon Caprice_019 copy 2048

I really love this LeLutka Simone Head with the Glam Affair Caprice. For now this is my favorite.

I do have a few (4 heads, LeLutka, Catwa, AK, And LAQ) Going Mesh is expensive for sure. And it has taking me quite a bit of time to figure it all out.

I do not just use the head or body we get. So even the same head and body can be different each time.

Lelutka Simon Caprice_001 copy 2048

I love that by just changing the pose, the color background, you can use the same head and skin and still look different. This one really is my favorite.

Now I’m feel a bit sleepy so here is the last one.:)

GSW_Lelutka Simone Maitreya Lara a Scandalize Natash jumpsuit_055 copy

I totally  love the outfit, the color and the fit.

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: LeLutka – Simone
Skin: Glam Affair -Caprice
Jumpsuit: Scandalize – Natasha
Shoes: N-core – Donna Glass
Necklace: TDRF #037
Earrings: Random Matter – Sarrah
Bracelet: Kunglers – Gislaine
Bracelet: Kunglers- Yennefer
Hair: Mina – Arwen

So between all the heads and the skins and the clothes, sometimes I feel like I am on a Roller Coaster and so here it is.


Life is like a roller coaster
It speeds along on its own track
and we can not change it

It soars to the highest high
and then plummets to a low
lower than you had ever thought possible.

You start out really slow
wondering it its going to be worth it
and then
it starts slowly up this steep track
and just as you reach the top
And you feel all the feelings you have been searching  for
exhilaration, adrenalin speeding in your body
even faster that the coaster
Then you see over the top
down into nothingness
And you are finally afraid
very afraid

Life is like a roller coaster
Speeding along its own track

It starts slowly
leaving you wondering
If it will all be worth it

Soon it’s going faster and faster
climbing up a steep track

The fear turns into all the
You have been searching for.
exhilaration and adrenalin
rush through your body
Faster than the roller coaster

And just as you reach the top
and peer off into nothingness
You are afraid
Very afraid

By Kaciee





Hair today, Hair tomorrow

I love hair and oh what a difference it makes.  I’m still lost in mesh but I came up for a breath for Hair!


Style card:
Head: Lelutka – Simone
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Glam Affair – Luminay
Hair: Truth – Cheri


Two pictures with the exact same mesh body, mesh head and mesh skin. The only difference is the hair.

Pensive copy 2048

Style card:
Head: Lelutka – Simone
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Skin: Glam Affair – Luminay
Hair: Truth – Elie (August gift)
Jewelry: PM – Audrey (August gift)

I just love the Truth August gift. If you are not already in his group, do it now. Each month you get a new hair with All the colors! There is a cost to get in but you make it back the first month.

I’m still swimming in mesh, but maybe it’s actually worth the trouble.



When hope has fled and it’s light gone out. Remember, up there somewhere, an angel is watching and dreaming with you, that things will turn out ok. This is my Angel.Hope

Style Card:
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: LeLutka – Simone
Skin: Glam Affair – Luminay
Hair: monso – CreamyMami
Romper: Maitreya – Lyne
Wings: CW – Paraiso
Tiara: B@R – Cisne wedding Tiara
Eyes: LeLutka – Simone
Shoes: N-Core – Donna Glass


Lost in the clouds

And wonder of all wonders, I got a new dress! Well, its a romper but I love it. Maybe the days of no clothes is done and I will again venture out in my beautiful mesh that no one but me can see. To others, they gasp and turn away. The floating brain and eyes head is something you don’t want to look at too long. 🙂

Obsessed? What now?


Yes, we all want to look unique but I wanted to look like the picture from Glam Affair Luminay. I used the same parts but I looked nothing like Her. I started over. New Maitreya mesh body, New LeLutke Simone, Glam Affair Luminay and I even found the hair from tram. I am close but still not close enough.

Style Card
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: LeLutka – Simone
Skin: Glam Affair – Luminay
Hair: tram GO127

Purple Dreams

Style Card for
Purple Dreams
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: LeLutka – Simone
Skin: Glam Affair – Luminay
Hair: Turth – Kare


Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: Catwa – Catya
Skin: Glam Affair Felicity
Hair: Truth – Cheri
Shape: Catwa – reshaped by me

Mesh must have been made just to push us as far as we can go. I have actually fallen off the edge into – “Oblivion”! My life in ruins. I see others with beautiful heads. How, how did they do it? Well, there is nothing I can do, but, crawl out of valley of despair and plog on. (Oh and by the way, I still have not gotten any clothes for my beauty.)





Too much Mesh?

Star light, Star bright

Body: Maitreya – Lara
Head: LAQ – Gaia – Maxine
Hair: Truth – Cheri
Top: Rebel Hope – Megan
Pants: Maitreya – Byzantium
Eyes: Ikon – Eternal

It seems that once I got started on mesh, I became obsessed. So many choices.  LAQ, AK, Catwa, Lelutka, and even more! And, to make matter worse, you can add skins and shapes and well too many to mention.

Kaciee Body: Maitreya – Lara
Shape: Catwa Bento – reshaped by me
Head: Catwa
Skin: Glam Affair – Felicity
Hair: Truth – Cheri
Eyes: Ikon – Eternal
Flowers: Lybra – Lilium

For weeks I worked. I had no mesh clothes and all the pictures wore the same or none!. I did manage to get hair. (mmm, hair, you have to love it) Who knew that hair made such a difference? Each new hair settled on the top of all heads and new pictures must be made. Will I never learn? Is enough ever enough?

tab cat glam_003 copy crop


I can not even keep the names straight. Which to choose? So, to mesh or not mesh, the first question, I have been thrown into the ocean of mesh. And as hard as I try to swim out, it is impossible!  So beware. Be careful of the wave of mesh. You just may step in and never get out.


To mesh or not to mesh

That was the question and it has taken me a very long time to decide and then even longer to do. The donald said “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” and that was me with mesh. I saw everyone with their beautiful mesh heads and bodies and I thought, how hard could it be? Well, for me, it was really hard. I read blogs, articles and watched how to videos and still nothing worked the way I had hoped.

This was my latest attempt. And, to me it’s the best of all that I tried.


Shapes and Shadows 2

Body: Maitreya
Skin: Lelutka – Simone
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Teri

Truth hair_005

LeLutka Simone
Maitreya Lara
Glam Affair Luminay
Ikon  Eternal
Truth Kara

EMILY_005 copy

Head: AK Bento – LuLu
Hair: Truth – Cheri
Top: Rebel Hope
Leather pants: Maitreya – Skinny pants

So, what is the answer? Do we mesh or not? Well, I did it but I still don’t know why. If you go anywhere most will not see you, or worse yet they see you naked. All that work for what? It does not look like the Me that was. So, a new me. Was it worth the time and effort? I still don’t know. At least it kept my mind busy. And for me that was a joy. You will have to decide for yourselves.




I think when my Internet saw Finale, it thought, “Yess” and went to sleep. My Internet whent down the Monday after the finale and did not come back until January 10th

So finally I get to show you the pictures.


Style Card:
Gown: PM – Belladonna
Brooch: Finesmith – Shae
Earrings: Finesmith – Shae
Hair: Amacci – Seth
Make up: Shadow: Mock – Purple Winterberry  1
Mock – Purple Winterberry  3
Blush: Pink Acid – Plum
Blush: Madrid Solo – Eyes, lips, checks – Shena
Lashes: Oceane – Subtle Sweet


How hard was the competition? Well half of us did not make it to the Grand Finale. We started with 24. On stage at the Finale there were only 12 of us. Not because they were dropped. Because it was so much longer and harder than any other competition.

So, you think you want to be MVW?
Things you need to know.
Can you build? We had at least five contests that required you to build. Some had magnificent booths. Some hired someone to do theirs. And some like me, did the best they could.
Do you know how to organize an event?
On the last week when we were getting our outfits, poses, style cards and story, we were given this task:
1.    Venue (Where will you get land (donated\ Paid)
2.    Desiginers-Vendors if used
3.    How long the event will run
4.    How will it be funded (Full Budget Plan will be needed with backup)
5.    How will it be promoted and marketed(Full marketing plan must be attached)
6.    Staff Needed-How will they be acquired and reimbursed

Have you set aside the time you will need? One challenge had five parts, all to be completed in one week.

Those that made it to the end were all winners. We stuck in there and completed the hardest contest ever.

Part of the finale was a story to explain the story for our finale gown. They did not read the stories at the end. And without mine it made no sense at all. I was Miss Cuba and I had falling snow. Here is the story that no one saw.

Kaciee’s dream had always been to feel the cold. And here she was looking out at a world of wonder. Wearing a dress as beautiful as the sky above. The sky is lit with a million stars. She had never seen anything so beautiful. The deep blue of her gown seemed to be a reflection of the night sky.  And the diamonds on her chest twinkled along with the stars. She had always wanted to see snow. And now all she could see was the snow sparking in the light of a full moon. One last look, and a shiver, and she awoke in her home in Cuba. It was only a dream. But one day soon her dream of winter would come true. You know, anything is possible.






Kaciee waded past the sugar white sand to stand, toes wiggling in the warm water of the ocean. Tiny fish swam around her and the surf exploded around her. Parrots and butterflies held her skirt up from the water. In her mind’s eye, she remembered the Cuba of old, when the capital Havana was a glittering dynamic city. Now, time seemed to have stopped. The pastel houses had faded and the cars that still traveled the streets were 1950’s-era cars with parts scavenged from here and there. She looked again at the beauty of the water and remembered the small boats filled with people that tried to make the journey to a new land. But she was filled with hope. New people would come. Hotels and restaurants would breathe with new life. Cuba would become a country of hope and beauty again and Cuba Libre will really mean a free Cuba.


Bra & Skirt: Champagne – Mermaid
Over Skirt (Parrots and Butterflies): Desir – Tropicana
Waves, Bubbles, Fish:Desir – Yashi
Necklace & Braclets: Champagne – Mermaid
Earrings:Finesmith – Laetitia
Hair: LCKY – Addison Red
Lips & Blush: Madrid – Shena
Shadow: Musa – Carlie 1



Tribute to our Reigning Miss Virtual World Delypop Cresci.



It is always a challenge to Mix and Match the clothing from 3 designers (accessories are not included) Since mesh has become so popular this becomes harder and harder.


The Story:

Kaciee was a shimmer of gold walking down the stairs to “The Party” of the year. She had spent the last few weeks finding the perfect pieces. Her translucent gown, found at the tiny shop on the corner, was put together with some special pieces she had hidden in her closet. They would be the canvas for creating her look. She was inspired by her favorite designer, Elie Saab. He was known for his feminine sheer gowns with embroidered gold threads that made them alluring and accented femininity. They showed an influence of the mid-century. His looks were among Kaciee’s favorites The embroidered gold threads on her gown sparkled under the plumage of the shoulder piece. The low back feathers only added to her fairy tale look. She added the chunky bracelets for a flash of gold at her wrist. The long necklace softly glowed with a gold sparkle of light. Let the night begin.

GOWN: Countdown – Candance Gold Upper
GOWN:Countdown -Candance gold gown mesh
TOP LACE: Utopia -Golden Angel
CHESTLACE RARE: Aisling -MonBet amour
BOTTOM SKIRT: Glamdiosa -Goddess
CUFF: Kibitz – Gold
EARRINGS: Lazuri -Nayomi Gaftner
CORSET BACK: LWL -AngelCorset Feathers
Shoes: Finesmith – love Stillettos
HAIR:Rowne – Raquel Ponytail





MVW 2017 The Christmas Challenge

Can  you have Christmas without the colors of red, green or white? Well that is the challenge.



Style an elegant, holiday look to celebrate Christmas a little too early. ** You can not use skirts, long dresses or gowns** You’re not allowed to use red, white and green colors in your outfit. Your clothing  must have at least 3 designers, not including your accessories.



Jacket: Resun Fashion – Barbara
Pants: fd – Baggy
Top: Alyce – Airy
Necklace one: Lazuri – Fall Romance
Necklace two: Kunglers – TDRF
Earrings: Random Matter – Sarrah
Boots: <P3> – Toodles
Makeup: Shadow: White Widow – Christmas Copper
#Adored – Vanessa copper
Mock – Fall Festivale Pumpkin
Lips & Blush: Madrid Solo – Shena
Hands & Feet: Slink

It’s always hard to choose. Did I pick the right ones?




Kaciee could hear the crunch of the snow on her new snake skin boots. Snow had come early this year. They had been stuck inside as the winter wind had turned into a blizzard and had coated the world in the pristine beauty of sparking white. She was dressed and ready for the first of the Christmas parties. She had come late, so she peeked in the window to see all the people. The room looked like someone had splashed reds and greens on all the visitors. Did you really have to dress like that to feel Christmasy? No individuality there. She was certainly going to stand out with her look. She had never been one to follow trends. She loved being a bit different.

She opened her leather jacket and felt winter on her skin. The soft fur of the collar and the fur at her wrists tickled and made her smile. She was ready to step inside and maybe even meet the man of her dreams. She could only hope, that like her, he would not feel he had to wear red and green to feel like Christmas. Christmas was inside her. She could feel the joy of it. She opened the door and stepped in.

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